Place of Power
  3642 N. Emerson Indianapolis, IN 46218

First Church of Deliverance and Recovery

"Where Deliverance is Experienced and Recovery is Ongoing!" 

     What to expect at First Church of Deliverance & Recovery...

   When you’re going through difficult times and situations and you need someone to talk to or even go through with you, wouldn’t you want someone who has gone through the same things that you’re going through?

   Well, here at FCDR, we have 2 types of people: 1) People who have experienced having lost custody of their children or on the right road in order ”to NOT lose custody,” grandmothers having to raise grandkids, single parents (due to other parents absence) because of incarceration or “are they are out in active addiction,” people who’ve been incarcerated, hurt, abandoned and abused as children by parent(s) or guardians and have turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, drug dealers, ex-offenders, bi-polar etc. people who deal with these or similar issues as a result of substance abuse or just because…and 2)People who have not used substances or actually been involved in the actions that result, but perhaps knows or knew someone who has or did. They have the Gift of Mercy and know how to love, comfort and motivate in spite of what a person has done or is dealing with. We know how to love until (and after) one can learn to love their self!


            Here at FCDR, we do not FOCUS on building a multi-cultural, multi- generational, multi-ethnical environment, it became natural because just like God, WHO DOES NOT DISCRIMATE from these issues of age, shades of color or country, NEITHER DO WE!  Therefore our FOCUS is on what we all have in common. As we keep our hearts and minds on God, the One who delivers all (who are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired) from the bondage caused by these issues, we find that our differences are less important than what we have in common!